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CMS Design & Development

There are many different Content Management Systems, some of the popular ones are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. These Content Management Systems (CMS) are a very efficient and popular tool, which can help maintain your business online, without having someone else updating it. These types of tools provide you with both custom and pre-made plugins with sections, which help you expand your site and add more functionality to it if needed. Usually a CMS will provides you with pre-made generic templates, but every serious business you have to have your own personal look, branding and identity online. We provide you with unique, custom-made skins for your site, we install all the necessary plugins, set up your pages and navigation, so that your website will have an eye-catching, SEO-optimized design, that will be user-friendly and help your business grow by attracting more and more potential clients or viewers. Created by experienced CMS designers and self users, not only who can we create a web design for you, but also provide you with a free related advice. We will provide you professional services and custom solutions for various types of CMS and web design options. We can create a custom made skin for your CMS or integrate any template you buy elsewhere with your existing CMS.

Steps Involved are:

1. Communicating with a client, understanding the client’s goals, audience and preferences.

2. Planning the content and structure of the web site, establishing timelines and development solutions.

3. Creating the interface, showing it to the client, if necessary, revising it.

4. Coding and integrating the interface with the CMS, creating the necessary categories and sections for products, services, news articles, installing the necessary plugins.

5. Some SEO optimization

6. Showing the integrated site to the client, if necessary, revising it.

7. Test, Test, Test the website

8. Add Content (Clients is responsible for adding this. In most cases we can add this for you, additional costs are needed if you require us to add your content for you)

9.  Site is ready to go live.


*We can also provide monthly options for monitoring and servicing your site for you. You request it and we do it. We can provide services for you at low costs.