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Terms and Conditions

All intellectual property and copyright in an image or on this website this belongs to FPSPHOTO. FPSPHOTO maintains complete control over the gathering and distribution of photos.
All photographic products purchased are the subject to copyright and are sold strictly for personal and private use only.  You cannot resell, copy or display the prints in a public place for profit or personal gain, or republish the print in any way without the prior written permission of FPSPHOTO.  You are not granted permission to on-sell or on-license any photograph, image, graphics or other material for personal gain.
Unauthorised use of images purchased from FPSPHOTO constitutes copyright infringement and shall entitle FPSPHOTO to exercise all rights and remedies under the applicable copyright law, including an injunction preventing further use and monetary damages against all users and beneficiaries of the use of such images.
Unauthorised use of watermarked images is prohibited.
Usage Rights
When an image is licensed by FPSPHOTO, the use of that image will be specified on the invoice provided or emailed by FPSPHOTO and cannot be used for any other purpose without further agreement by FPSPHOTO.
Special Offers
Special offers have an expiry date and/or are only available under specific circumstances such as discounts after multiple purchases or discounts.  Special offers with an expiry date must be ordered and payment must be received in full prior to the expiry date to be entitled to the offer.
Returns Policy
Refunds and returns are not accepted by FPSPHOTO unless the customer has received a faulty item, an unordered item, an item damaged in transit, or an item which is significantly different from that displayed on the website.  FPSPHOTO will aim to provide replacement products where faulty or incorrect products were received.
Products that are returned because they are faulty will be assessed and a solution will be promptly actioned.