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Design & Printing


Full-service custom design and production for printed promotional and marketing items, from business cards, brochures, t-shirts, to outdoor banners and now vinyl lettering for various applications. We can help write your ad copy and assist with ad placement in periodicals, too. Along with our in house printing we also work with high-quality, reliable printers with whom we have a proven track record, and who can provide competitive bids.

We can create a professional, eye-catching and recognizable graphics for your business, which will represent your company or product and communicate your purpose and values to your target audience. You will get final designs in all the needed formats – TIFF, JPEG, GIF, AI and PSD, and up to 3 free revisions if you are not happy with the design.

We provide logo design, custom made static and animated banners of all sizes, with special discounts on banner packages, custom graphics for your sites, flyers, brochures, ads for print and cd booklets.

We also offer professional services for creating presentations, photo manipulations, retouching and other digital art services for web and print.


FPSPHOTO offers digital printing which gives full color, high speed, benchmark productivity, print quality, and economics.

With our in house digital printing and reliable printers technology an,we have brought technical advancements, more options, and exciting new features to today’s commercial printing. Digital printing also allows for on demand printing, short turn around, and even a modification of the image (variable data) with each impression.

Digital printing is used primarily when you need something very quickly or in very small quantities. Digital printing also gives you the opportunity to print variable text or images where each sheet off the press is unique in some personalized way. Once a sheet is off a digital press it can be cut, folded or finished very quickly where offset printing must dry or be coated before handling.

  • -Shorter turnaround
  • -Lower costs for very small print runs
  • -Availability of variable data printing (database driven, e.g. mailing lists)
  • -Higher image quality, higher resolution and no streaks/spots.
  • -Works on a wide range of printing surfaces including paper, wood, cloth, metal, leather, rough paper and plastic.
  • -The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up.
  • -Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs.

Quantity and time frame are usually the deciding factors in whether to use offset printing vs digital printing

  • -High Image Quality Designs
  • -Printed on a Wide Variety of Clothing. Hats, Sweatshirts, T shirts, Socks and more..
  • -The unit cost goes down as the quantity goes up.
  • -Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs.